Dealer XR’s powerful virtual technology enables car shoppers to experience exciting, self-guided virtual tours of a vehicle’s exterior and interior, offering an immersive experience so real that it’s the next best thing to being there.

Embedded in each experience are highly informative overlay displays that appear onscreen with a click, coupled with short, easy-to-consume voice-overs providing only the most salient vehicle data on demand.

Dealer XR offers real and intelligent virtual onscreen assistants that can be summoned instantly to answer questions on the fly, or engage in detailed exchanges about a model’s particular features and benefits.

Stickiness is Key
Importantly, the Dealer XR solution is imbedded in the dealership’s website enabling a shopper to toggle between the virtual experience itself and the website for supplemental information. Thus, the shopper remains on the dealership site at all times, safeguarding each and every lead.