While Dealer XR is integrated into a dealership website, its highly appealing content can be actively used in targeted email campaigns or display ads to attract and entice shoppers to the site.

Following a virtual visit, Dealer XR’s 24/7 Connectivity feature enables its intuitive virtual assistants to further engage in automated email relationships with shoppers, deepening brand relationships with its now valuable qualified leads. Dealer XR’s intuitive email technology generates persuasive schedule-sensitive natural language emails that ultimately advances each lead to the dealer physical showroom floor, ultimately enabling the buy.

Dealer XR 24/7 Connectivity interacts with your new and repeat customers, engaging new customer sales leads up to 180 days.

Service and Parts
With Dealer XR 24/7 Connectivity you can keep the conversation going to have customers coming back to your dealership after the sale.

Customer Loyalty
Stay top of mind throughout your customer’s complete lifecycle from sales to parts and service maintenance, to secure lifetime loyalty.